Friday, September 9, 2011

There's no ME but There Still Seems to be a YOU

At a relatively early stage of self-inquiry, we begin to see that the individual separate entity doesn't exist -- other than as a thought.  In other words, we see that there is no ME that has an independent existence.

Thus, there is no separate entity making choices or initiating actions.  If that is the case, then the same reality must apply to everyone else.  After all, if there's no entity "inside" my body operating my individual body, then surely there's no entity inside the bodies of others operating those bodies.

It sounds so simple and obvious.  Yet a funny thing happens.  While we see through the false ME, we still feel and act as if there ARE others making choices and initiating activities.

We continue to judge others and see them as separate entities.  For example, we see a cruel act and say to ourselves, "How can he do that?"  Or, we see someone make what we consider a poor choice and think, "Why did she do that?"

Consider your interactions with your spouse, family members, co-workers, or strangers you pass on the street each day.  They are pushing our buttons constantly and we fall into the trap of treating them as separate entities.

What should we do about this?  Nothing.

Just see clearly what is going on.  You may continue for quite some time to treat others as separate, independent entities.  Let it be, but see it clearly.  Clear seeing weakens the sense of separation.

If you're the analytical type like me, you may wonder why you see that there is no ME yet there appears to be separate others.  As best as I can figure, it's because we really haven't seen (and experienced) at our core that there is no ME.

The idea of ME has been significantly weakened but not completely seen through.  When there is truly no ME, it is likely that there will be a clear seeing that there is no separate YOU.