Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Joy of Self-Inquiry

Much of what we read in non-duality books and blogs focuses on the challenges and uncomfortable aspects of self-inquiry.  We are warned about the confusion that will arise during our investigation.  We hear about the uncomfortable feelings (including intense fear) that will surface as we probe into the nature of our own being.

In other words, we hear a lot about the "dark" side of self-inquiry.  Without question, a good portion of what you find in this blog addresses the challenging nature of non-dual investigation. 

However, there's another side to self-inquiry -- and I'm referring to the exquisite peace, joy and love that one glimpses during self-inquiry.  No challenge and no discomfort can stop this yearning for peace, happiness, and love. 

What is there to say about the peace and joy that we feel as we begin to quiet our minds and catch a glimpse of our true nature?  We come to know a peace that is deeper than any we previously experienced. 

Our time sitting alone on a chair or couch becomes precious.  Sitting in the presence of a loved one, a friend, or even a stranger, can be filled with love and contentment, even if no words are exchanged.

We read passages in a non-duality book, or listen to a skilled teacher during a meeting, and our hearts melt as we get a taste of our true nature. 

We feel the lightness of being as our judgments slow down and we get some distance on our raging thoughts and opinions.  Our bodies begin to taste this lightness and peace, and significant physical changes in the body, a softening, often takes place -- although never as soon as we want!

There's no doubt that most people will have some dark, challenging moments during self-inquiry.  But the reason we are drawn to self-inquiry comes from grace.  It is love and peace calling us home.  We know at our core that love is the strongest force and is going to win.  And fortunately, we are given a taste and a glimpse of this peace and love throughout our investigation.