Q:  Why can't I leave comments on your blog?

A:  In my view, the disadvantages of allowing comments far outweigh the benefits.  In virtually every nonduality blog I have seen, the discussion can get very ugly as visitors argue who has the better nondual understanding.  It degenerates into a battle of egos with people attacking the comments offered by others.  Of course, this is also true of blogs on subjects other than nonduality.  I know I'm in the minority on this issue, but I think the need to vent and offer opinions (which of course I do as well) is highly overrated in our society. 

Comments can serve a useful purpose where a qualified nonduality teacher is operating the blog or web site.  In those cases, you can ask the teacher questions -- and the teacher can provide answers or pointers.  However, since I am not a guru or teacher of nonduality, I am not in a position to answer such questions. 

While comments can't be posted at the blog, I welcome any comments you want to make or any insights you wish to share.  Just send an email to wtn5@optonline.net .  

By the way, it is possible that your comments might be valuable to share with the readers of this blog -- or it might lead me to write a blog post related to the issues you raised.  Your comments will never be used in a way that identifies you personally without your permission.  Specific details about you as well as your contact information or email address will NOT be included.

Q:  What is "satsang?"

A:  Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means "association with truth" or "gathering together for the truth."  The word is most commonly used to refer to meetings or retreats held by nonduality teachers where people are invited to come and ask questions about nonduality and our true nature.  There are other nuances to this term and you can research it online if you wish.

Q:   I notice that you have left out many nonduality teachers, blogs, websites and resources that I have found to be of value.  Should I send you the information so you can list them on your site?

A:  You are welcome to send any information you wish.  However, it is NOT my intention for this blog to be a comprehensive portal of "all things nonduality."  There are some excellent sites on the internet that are already performing this function.

This blog reflects those teachers and resources that have been instrumental to my own investigation.  I have not included many excellent teachers and resources that I encountered over the last few years.  Those that are included here are those that my heart led me to share in this blog. I am grateful for all I have come across, whether shared on this blog or not.  I also recognize that the teachers and resources that will resonate with you may be different than those that speak to me.

Therefore, I am not looking to add resources or links suggested by others -- or to do reviews of other nonduality books or resources. If my heart says YES, I will add something, but don't be offended if I say NO.